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What is Parlay Betting? How to Calculate Football Parlay Odds Most Accurately

Explain the concept of parlay betting and provide detailed guidance on how to calculate football parlay odds. From there, betting tips england effective and safe ways for bettors to place parlay bets.

What is Parlay Betting?

Parlay betting in football is a form of combining multiple bets together into a single betting ticket.

Common alternative names for parlay betting:

Combo Betting

Combined Bet

Multiple Bets

Mix Parlay


Advantages of Parlay Betting:

Potential for significantly higher winnings, often multiple times more than single bets.

Disadvantages of Parlay Betting:

Low win probability, at only about 3.7% per bet when the requirement is to win all bets within the parlay.

Example of a Parlay Bet:

In this example:

The red box represents 2 bets combined into a Parlay Bet 2, depending on the number of bets the player wants to combine.

The blue box shows the automatically calculated odds for this Parlay Bet 2, at 3.25. The player just needs to input the desired wager amount.

The pink box estimates the potential winnings for this Parlay Bet 2.

Calculating Parlay Bet Winnings:

After understanding what a parlay bet is, players should know how to calculate the winnings for a parlay bet, which includes different types:

Formula for calculating Asian Handicap Parlay Bet Winnings:

Winnings = (Wager x Parlay Odds) - 10% commission


Wager: The amount of money you put in.

Parlay Odds: The average odds of the bets you select within your parlay.

10% Commission: 10% of your total winnings. For instance, if you win 200k, the commission will be 20k.

Example: If you select a Parlay 3 with odds at 1.80 and wager 100k, your winnings will be 100 x 1.80 = 180k.

The commission at 10% of 180k will be 18k.

The actual winnings received will be 180 - 18 = 152k.

Currently, many online platforms provide outdated average parlay odds calculation formulas. Users simply need to select parlay bets on bookmaker websites to obtain odds without the need for manual calculation.

Note: Many bookmakers apply relatively high commission rates for parlay bets. Hence, if you observe a 10% or 12% deduction from your winnings, do not be surprised.

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How to Choose Parlay Bets Correctly

Many people still tend to choose parlay bets randomly without any calculations. Check out the guidelines below for selecting parlay bets accurately.

Analysis and Information Linkage

In simple terms, players must analyze the matches they intend to include in their parlay bets. There are three scenarios with a winning probability of up to 82.1% according to Asian Booking:

For matches with a handicap of 0.5 or higher, consider parlaying three teams that are the underdogs, giving preference to away teams and those with better form than the home team.

Matches with a handicap of 0.75 should prioritize parlaying three teams that are the favorites to activate the parlay.

Combine smaller bets within a match when the two teams' strengths aren't vastly different, especially focusing on corner kicks and fouls.

For example, if Liverpool plays against Man City and Liverpool has a 2-corner kick handicap, you could add a bet on Man City +2 corner kicks to your parlay.

Utilize Integrated Technology at Betting Agencies

In simple terms, reputable betting agencies currently have integrated technology for parlay bets, providing both the parlay odds and potential winnings. This means you only need to select your parlay bet, enter the amount you wish to wager, and it will display the odds along with potential winnings if successful.

Furthermore, many betting agencies offer suggestions for parlay combinations, but it's advisable not to follow these recommendations.

When to Run Parlays

Running parlays simply means that if one of the bets in the parlay ticket loses, you might consider betting against the earlier placed wagers.

Only run parlays when the first parlay bet directly influences the remaining bets.

Safe and Effective Parlay Betting Experience

To play parlay bets safely and effectively, players should equip football tips site themselves with the following experiences:

Thoroughly understand how to read football betting odds and analyze bookmakers' odds to select a reliable parlay.

Stay updated with information about both teams when betting and understand how football parlays are calculated.

Especially when betting on a few selections in a parlay, you can refer to football tips but avoid blindly following them.

These are the insights from Wintips regarding concepts related to parlay betting, how to calculate parlays, and how to engage in this type of betting. Consider these points before participating. Don't forget to follow Wintips for the latest information on betting, today's odds, guides, and more.


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